Modular Drive Systems

The purpose of the Benedex Intelligent Platforms is to provide mobile robot builders a great BUY vs BUILD choice for robotic motion for any AMR. The features of the Benedex Intelligent Platform make it a cheaper and faster option than designing a motion platform in-house, and unlike buying a whole robotic vehicle off the shelf, the Benedex system allows freedom of design and unconstrained customisation without compromising on performance and serviceability.

Benedex Intelligent Platforms are a patent-pending, high precision and high power motion system for autonomous mobile robots, incorporating the latest technology in electric motor, sensor, semiconductor power electronics and embedded computer technology.

The system consists of a variable number of externally mounted, self motorised and controlled wheels with a central, pre-programmed controller for motion. Physically, it is easily mountable on any body or chassis with any manner of payload.
It can be used for retrofitting and prototyping due to its universal mounting, rugged build and ease of integration & use.

The Benedex Intelligent Platform’s interfaces may be further customised for serial manufacturers. Contact us for further information.

Our distributed flexible motion control and drive system architecture simplifies your design to produce a better product in a shorter time.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Loading
Wheel dimensions Ø215 x 91 mm
Wheel weight 4kg
Max static loading per wheel 125kg
Power source 5V, 12V, 12-48V
Mounting Customizable
Configuration 2, 3, 4, 6 wheels
Software ROS, C++
Max speed 4 m/s @ 48V

1 m/s @ 12V

Peak thrust 50KgF per wheel
Max continuous thrust 15 KgF per wheel
Wheel position accuracy < ±1mm
Temperature range -20°C to 55°C
Ingress Protection IP 44

IP 65

Modular & Scalable

Easy to implement regardless of platform topology or number of wheels.


Shorten your development time by months, and reduce your manufacturing costs.

Quick & Easy Fit

System can be attached externally to any mobile platform. Ideal for new designs and retrofitting existing hardware.

Any Payload

Structurally strong and high power supports both small and large payloads.

Energy Efficient

Highly efficient electric system maximising run time and minimising charge time.

Easily Controllable

Instantly connects with any control source – From a remote gamepad controller to navigation and guidance software.

Harsh Environment

Can be used in indoor and outdoor environments, in extremes of temperature, and over smooth, rough, or loose surfaces.

Unleash Creativity

The Benedex system simplifies and expedites AMR projects and makes new, highly functional designs possible.


Rugged construction and a minimal number of moving parts reduce wear and maximise reliability.

Made for Sustainability

ROHS compliant. Designed for long life, minimal maintenance, and low environment cost of scrappage.

Pit-stop Maintenance

Any part is replaceable with a similar part for quick service and minimal downtime.