Easily Controlled

Instantly learns to receive control from any source – From a gamepad controller to navigation software.


he system is equally easy to implement regardless of how many wheels it has.

Energy Efficient

Maximises run time and minimises charge time.

Any Payload

Strong structure and high power supports platforms from several kg to hundreds.

Quick and Easy

The system bolts on externally to any platform. No hardware changes necessary.

Cost Effective

Using this system will shorten your project by months, lower risks and does not require specialist engineers to use.

High performance

Each wheel can output a thrust as high as 50kgf and attain a speed of 15kmh.

Light and Strong

The wheels weigh 4kg each, minimal impact on system weight.

Made for Sustainability

All ROHS compliant, made for a long life and minimal scrapping.


No gear and a small number of moving parts increase reliability and reduce wear.

Unleash Creativity

Unburden yourself from design constraints and create new vehicle configurations.

Harsh Environment

Not limited to levelled clean floors, this system drives in sand, rocks, heat or cold.