Engineering and Design

In addition to the portfolio of products based on the company’s proprietary drive technology, Benedex extends its knowledge to provide engineering and industrial design services.

Benedex has a special passion for high functional density systems, and we find ways of getting the most out of any hardware. We work with our customers to take ideas and evolve them into great products.

  • Industrial Design. We appreciate that a great product must also look the part. We provide breathtaking designs and photorealistic renderings of our customers’ products.
  • Mechanical Engineering. Benedex offers expertise on multiaxis mechanisms and electric actuators for a diverse range of applications.
  • Electronic and Electrical design services including PCB design and complete robot system architectures utilising data communications systems such as CAN, Ethernet, and EtherCAT.
  • Battery system design for mobile robotics. We can advise on a range of battery chemistries and design and implementation of charging systems, either bespoke, or commercially available units.
  • Motion control. Our engineers have many years of experience and deep understanding of precision motion control.
  • Positioning and sensor systems. Benedex has considerable experience in the field of positioning and sensors. Benedex engineers will help you integrate GNSS systems, LIDAR and vision systems, along with a multitude of positioning encoder and other feedback systems.