Maximises run time and minimises
charge time.
Energy Efficient
System can be attached externally to
any mobile platform. Ideal for new
designs and retrofitting existing
Quick and Easy
Each wheel can output a thrust as
high as 50kgf and attain a speed of
High Performance
Unburden yourself from design
contraints and create new vehicle
Unleash Creativity
Structurally strong and high power supports
both small and large payloads.
Any Payload
Shorten your development time by months, and
reduce your manufacturing costs.
Cost Effective
Can be used in indoor and outdoor environments,
in extremes of temperature, and over smooth,
rough, or loose surfaces.
Harsh Environment
ROHS compliant. Designed for long life, minimal
maintenance, and low environment
cost of scrappage.
Made for Sustainability
Easy to implement regardless of platform
to pology or number of wheels.
Easy to integrate from a hardware, electrical,
and software perspective.

Powerful, modular motion system and mobile robot platforms.

Modular Drive System

Our flexible motion system makes your design and build work better, simpler, and faster.

It integrates quickly and easily and can also be used to retrofit existing hardware.

Mobile Robot Platforms

Light, agile, powerful, accurate. For any task.

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